Jamaica: CITIVA Donates Ganja Extract To UWI’S Ganja-Based Epilepsy Research


The University of the West Indies, (UWI) Mona made history in July 2015 establishing itself as an institution for the research and development of ganja (marijuana/cannabis) and its use in the field of medicine.

This was made possible through a partnership with New York-based CITIVA, a medical research company specialising in safe and effective cannabinoid products.

Fourteen months later, CITIVA has announced that it will be donating the first cannabis-based medicine extracted from its high-CBD cannabis strain, to be used in a groundbreaking study in Jamaica that will examine its effect on children with epilepsy.

The specialised, therapeutic, high-CBD strain, bred and cultivated by CITIVA at its horticulture centre on the Mona campus, was safely and successfully extracted and made into oil by Epican, an industry leader in the development of advanced super and sub-critical CO2 extraction technologies for phytocannabinoids, terpenes and cannabis-based phytonutrients, at its 5,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in Kingston.

CITIVA specialises in advanced research of cannabis, and in creating medications with individualised cannabinoid ratios designed to treat specific diseases and conditions.

Epican is a Jamaican-owned and operated company, which is partnering with the Scientific Research Council (SRC) with focus on large-scale, CO2 extraction of phytocannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant for medicinal purposes. Epican’s extraction equipment is supplied through a relationship with MetaCan, a US company with over a decade of experience in developing novel and proprietary extraction technologies specifically for the cannabis industry.

Since last year, when CITIVA launched the world’s first university-based facility dedicated to medical marijuana research at Mona, its focus has been on advancing the study of marijuana and its efficacy in the field of medicine.

Its first harvest, grown at this facility, is indicated for study in the treatments of Type II Diabetes and Epilepsy.

Both CITIVA and Epican have been engaged in local collaborative research agreements and are working toward the advancement of science, research, development and marketing of effective cannabis-based products for a wide variety of health conditions.

“CITIVA is proud of the development of our facility on the Mona Campus of UWI. The concept of medical cannabis has been in Jamaica for centuries. This is the beginning of a partnership that we hope will create hundreds of jobs, crucial medications for the sick and disabled, and a dynamic new industry,” a news release quotes Kim Volman, CEO of CITIVA.

“As Jamaica moves forward to embrace the cannabis industry, we are pleased and honoured to provide to CITIVA the most advanced technological extraction of phytocannabinoids, to ensure and guarantee that their finished products are accurately dosed, and of the highest standards of quality and purity,” said Karibe McKenzie, founder and CEO of Epican.

“The University of the West Indies is proud to announce that our partnership with CITIVA is beginning to bear fruit. CITIVA has begun construction of a world-leading medical cannabis research centre in the medical sciences building on the Mona Campus,” said Professor Archibald McDonald, the UWI, Mona deputy principal.

“UWI plans to work closely with CITIVA on critical research that will benefit both the healthcare system and the people and economy of Jamaica,” added Professor McDonald.

CITIVA says its commitment to a well-designed drug development programme to investigate cannabinoids will lead to a new field of clinical medicine for conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy and chronic pain, as well as for various mental health disorders.

CITIVA said it is exceptionally positioned to carry out its aims due to its unique assets and partnerships. The company’s research and development hub in Kingston, Jamaica, is one of the few locations in the world where medical cannabis clinical trials will be carried out using human subjects.

Natural cannabinoid medicine has the potential to revolutionise the way pain and disease are treated.

The early signs are there, as millions are finding relief from crude cannabis extracts. CITIVA says it believes Jamaica can do better by these patients, by offering them natural medicines that are tested, reliable and consistent.

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