Friday, May 20, 2022
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Is Weed Safe For Pregnant Women?

Pregnancy started out rough for Leslie Siu. Morning sickness and migraines had her reeling and barely able to function at a demanding New York marketing job, so like rising numbers of U.S. mothers-to-be, she turned to marijuana. “l was finally able to get out from under my work desk,” said Siu, who later started her own pot company and says...

Sweet Smell Of Success? Big Business Bets On A Marijuana Boom

To listen to some of the predictions about the future of the cannabis industry, you would think financial analysts had been partaking heavily of the product. The European cannabis market will be worth €123bn (£106bn) by 2028, according to the London-based analysis firm Prohibition Partners. That is more than twice the revenues that Apple reported in the region last year...

Martha Stewart Partnering With Marijuana Grower Canopy Growth To Develop Hemp-Derived Products

Lifestyle authority and television personality Martha Stewart has entered a business partnership with Canopy Growth, one of the globe’s largest marijuana producers, to develop hemp-derived CBD products. Stewart will play an advisory role at Canopy and will assist in developing a broad new line of animal health products, the company said Thursday. The partnership includes Sequential Brands Group, a consumer...

Patients Prescribed Opioids Can Now Buy Medical Marijuana In Illinois

Sales of medical marijuana kicked off last week under a new statewide program offering a new form of relief for patients suffering from conditions that require an opioid prescription. On Friday morning, Tashena Altman became one of the first patients to purchase cannabis under the new Opioid Alternative Pilot Program, an offshoot of the state’s medical pot program. Altman, of...

The Green Rush Is Too White

Cannabis has long been Anthony Reyes' passion. Like millions of Americans, he first self-medicated with marijuana as a young man, purchasing from underground dealers as so many other weed enthusiasts do. But cannabis was always mainly about healing for Reyes: His uncle was a curandero, a medicine man, in his native Cuba and used cannabis as part of his...