Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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420 Girl – Elvy Musikka

Elvy Musikka has glaucoma. She is also one of only four people who still receive Medical Marijuana (MMJ) from the Federal Government. She started her benefits in 1988, the program began in 1976. She was detained by Oregon State Police early on a Thursday morning, following a town hall meeting on medical marijuana. State troopers in Oregon are allegedly...

420 Girl – Taunya Harris

A delectable looking assortment of treats lined the counter in front of Taunya Harris as she unveiled a new selection of edibles available at the Altitude Pot Shop. There was dark chocolate fudge, truffles with pink swirls and individually wrapped golden brown caramels. Even pumpkin spice cookies for fall. Some of the sweets on display Wednesday are now available...

Cannabis Facts

Health Risk Myths and Realities Marijuana Overdose No evidence exists that anyone has ever died of a marijuana overdose. Tests performed on mice have shown that the ratio of cannabinoids (the chemicals in marijuana that make you stoned) necessary for overdose to the amount necessary for intoxication is 40,000:1. For comparison's sake, that ratio for alcohol is generally between 4:1 and...

Hemp Facts

A Brief History of Hemp The hemp plant is the most versatile crop in the entire plant kingdom and has shown its uses throughout history. The first book was written in China on Hemp paper, and our country was founded on hemp. George Washington was the largest hemp farmer in the world during the late 1700’s and Thomas Jefferson called...

420 Girls Mission Statement

420 Girls is a social action campaign that redefines Flower Power for the progressive modern girl; featuring nudes ingesting Marijuana, this bold artistic metaphor raises awareness to ask for the Naked Truth About Cannabis in a fun and engaging way. "Hemp Hemp Hooray for 420 Girls!" JOIN TODAY AND HELP 420 GIRLS CREATE CANNABIS AWARENESS TO THE WORLD! 420 Girls exists...