420 Girl – Elvy Musikka


Elvy Musikka has glaucoma. She is also one of only four people who still receive Medical Marijuana (MMJ) from the Federal Government. She started her benefits in 1988, the program began in 1976. She was detained by Oregon State Police early on a Thursday morning, following a town hall meeting on medical marijuana. State troopers in Oregon are allegedly being ordered by the federal Department of Justice to seize medical marijuana and harass state registered, legal patients. Oregonian Elvy Musikka holds up a marijuana cigarette given to her by good ol’ Uncle Sam. Not many people are aware that the United States government has been dispensing cannabis to several patients across the country for over three decades. The hypocrisy of a government that seizes personal property, locks people in cages and ruins lives for doing exactly what the government has been doing for more than 30 years is simply astounding.