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Adebola Oyedeji: Empowering South African Women

Adebola Oyedeji
The Women in Cannabiznis event was hosted by WSU Chemistry senior researcher professor Adebola Oyedeji  Women involved in the cannabis industry recently gathered in Lusikisiki to be empowered with insight into various crucial elements within the cannabis domain, such as science, legislation and compliance. The Women in Cannabiznis event hosted WSU Chemistry senior researcher professor Adebola Oyedeji in their panel discussion,...

Cannabis Processing Without The Mansplaining

Shake Extractions owners cannabis processing
Inside a few small rooms in a Northwest Arkansas office building, four women are blazing a unique path in the state’s cannabis industry. Shake Extractions, located in Johnson just outside of Fayetteville, is a women-owned cannabis processing facility, bringing distinctly women-focused products (and big plans) to market in a male-dominated retail landscape. The ladies have experienced their share of mansplaining...

Dr. Chanda Macias: Empowering Women In Cannabis

Dr. Chanda Macias
Dr. Chanda Macias, the CEO of National Holistic Healing Center, on playing catch-up with other industriesDr. Chanda Macias, PhD, is a true cannabis pioneer: having spent years in biomedical research and developing her knowledge of medical marijuana, in 2015 she became the country's first Black woman medical cannabis operator as CEO of National Holistic Healing Center (NHHC), a medical...

Beryl Solomon, Founder of Poplar, Talks Cannabis E-Tailing

Beryl Solomon
Beryl Solomon is the founder of Poplar, aka "Your Modern Drug Store," a multi-brand CBD e-tailer that curates cannabis wellness products and experiences. Beryl developed Poplar in 2017 after adding cannabis to her health routine and decreasing her pharmaceutical anti-anxiety/antidepressant dosage. Today, she is on a mission to help de-stigmatize marijuana and demonstrate how it can improve lives. Earlier in...

Nancy Whiteman, CEO Of Wana Brands

Nancy-Whiteman-CEO Nancy Whiteman
Nancy Whiteman, CEO Of Wana Brands, shares what it takes to make it in the cannabis businessCannabis is big business making an even bigger impact on people’s lives. Retail sales of medical and recreational cannabis in the United States are on pace to exceed $15 billion by the end of 2020―an increase of approximately 40% over 2019―according to the...