Seiveright Knocks US ‘Hypocritical’ Stance On Cannabis


Kingston, Jamaica – Senior Government advisor Delano Seiveright wants American law students, academics and representatives of civil society representatives at Harvard University to press the US government to change “repressive” laws against the use of cannabis.

Seiveright, who is also a director of the local Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA), was speaking at Harvard Law School at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts last Thursday.

Seiveright noted that while cannabis law reform is progressing “reasonably well” in Jamaica, the county still faces fundamental challenges related directly to the US government foreign policy and outdated United Nations conventions.

Seiveright noted that while several US states have gone the route of full legalization, sovereign states like Jamaica are fearful of the consequences from bigger and powerful countries such as the United States, despite strong public support for change

He also noted that Canada has clearly spoken of full legalisation next year in direct contravention of UN treaties and the “hypocrisy” of several US states legalising cannabis despite the federal governments continued hard line position.

Seiveright asked the audience to oppose what he described as the “repressive laws against cannabis”, as a means of freeing the hands of smaller developing states around the globe to make meaningful cannabis law reforms.

The meeting was organised by noted Harvard Professor of Law, Charles Nesson.

Nesson praised bipartisan consensus and the roles of Seiveright and People’s National Party’s General Secretary Paul Burke, as well as former Justice Minister, Senator Mark Golding, for their work in propelling Jamaica’s reform efforts in the interest of human rights and notably Rastafari rights.

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