420 Girl – Alvilda Hillery


Medical dispensary owner Alvilda Hillery, owner of Rocky Mountain Miracles, sued police to return her 604 pot plants or pay $3.3 million after she was acquitted of drug cultivation charges. She dropped the suit in exchange for a city dispensary license. By then, the plants had died. “We need uniform rules, and law enforcement would be wise to develop those rules otherwise they will continue to be sued,” said Hillery’s attorney, Sean McAllister, who is representing another dispensary owner in a similar suit in federal court. In Hawaii, a group of medical marijuana patients who were never arrested sued in May after police seized 52 plants in a raid. They want $5,000 for each plant if they’ve died. Police in Lynnwood, Washington, no longer seize medical plants, said Angelea Madsen, who supervises the evidence unit. – Komo News