420 Girl – Madeline Lightle


Madeleine Lightle is a young child who had a stroke just before she was born in 2004. At birth, doctors said she had permanent brain damage due to the stroke. Then at age five the young girl started having constant seizures. Doctors put Madeline on prescription meds that didn’t work well or at all to control the seizures. And the drugs had very bad side effects. Finally, physicians told Madeline’s parents that she’d need massive brain surgery. “What they wanted to do was take out the entire left side of her brain. And to look at your daughter and imagine half of her brain being taken out, it was probably the hardest point in my life. It could make her better, or it could not. It could take away seizures, or it could not. “Then, Madeline’s family heard about a special high cannabidiol (CBD) marijuana oil available legally in Colorado. Convinced by stories from other parents that high CBD marijuana could be a life saver, Madeline and her mother Dara became “cannabis refugees.” They walked away from their home in Virginia to join an increasing number of families and individuals emigrating to Colorado because the marijuana industry there is creating easily available marijuana medicines that work better and safer than any pharmaceuticals.