States That Approved Medical Cannabis See 25% Plunge In Prescription Overdose Deaths


From a libertarian point of view, there’s no reason that the government should be regulating plants in the first place. From a health perspective, the fact that marijuana still isn’t legalized all across the United States is even more frustrating. Even though new evidence isn’t needed to justify the legalization of marijuana, we continue to receive more and more.

In a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine , new benefits of marijuana legalization were revealed, though they mostly have nothing to do with cannabis itself. In reality, one of the most important side effects of legalizing the plant is that prescription overdose deaths plummet in states where medical marijuana is legal.

The study states, “Results reveal that on average, the 13 states allowing the use of medical marijuana had a 24.8 percent lower annual opioid overdose mortality rate after the laws were enacted than states without the laws, indicating that the alternative treatment may be safer for patients suffering from chronic pain related to cancer and other conditions.”

The natural alternative to lab-created drugs is safer and healthier? Color me not at all surprised!

The pharmaceutical industry peddles their toxic drugs while demonizing marijuana through lies and propaganda. This is nothing new, but it’s nice to see that many people are finally catching on to their charade. Thousands upon thousands of lives have been lost at the hands of these deadly pharma drugs, yet there’s still a stigma surrounding cannabis. It’s unjust, unfair and untrue.

Overdosing on prescription drugs is a relatively common occurrence, while there has never – in the history of the world – been a single death attributed to marijuana use.

We need to legalize marijuana now. For the betterment and safety of our society and our country, we need to replace the addictive, dangerous “medicines” peddled by Big Pharma with natural, healthy and beneficial medicines like marijuana.

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