IL: More Patients Using Medical Marijuana In Quincy


Quincy, Ill. – Officials at Quincy’s medical marijuana dispensary say they’re seeing more patients because more doctors are signing off on the Illinois pilot program.

The dispensary currently serves 140 patients, up from 60 patients when it first opened in November. Across the state, $2.9 million dollars worth of medical marijuana products were purchased in July. Officials say they encourage all patients using the program to share their experiences with their doctors to help spread the word.

“And they are sharing with their doctor how the medicine is helping them,” Chief Operating Officer Chris Wildrick said. “Doctors are seeing that their patients are dropping some of the pharmaceutical medicines they’ve been taking.”

On August 1st, the state changed the doctor’s consent forms and removed language on recommending marijuana for a patient, only certifying a patient has a qualifying condition. Herbal Remedies officials hope this will encourage even more doctors to let their patients into the program.

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