OR: Local Voters To Decide Marijuana Tax And Sale November 8


In the Nov. 8 election, Silverton and Mt. Angel voters will decide whether their respective cities will tack a 3 percent tax onto the state’s 17 percent recreational marijuana tax.

The Silverton City Council already approved recreational marijuana sales inside the city limits, effective last October, following the passage of Measure 91. A “yes” vote on the tax measure in November will add an additional tax that goes into city coffers.

In Mt. Angel, voters will be asked two questions. First, do they want to legalize recreational marijuana businesses in their town? And, second, should these businesses be taxed?

More than 55 percent of Mt. Angel voters voted “no” on Oregon’s Measure 91, a margin that allows the city to ban within its limits the kind of marijuana growth, production and sales the statewide measure allows. Mt. Angel’s council voted in December to put the question to the community in the next election.

“This type of a decision belongs with the voters as it is definitely a topic and activity that impacts the entire community,” said Mayor Andy Otte “I do not think marijuana sales is something that fits into the fabric and traditional values of Mt. Angel.”

Even Mt. Angel voters who plan to vote “no” on marijuana businesses in town may want to vote “yes” on the tax in case the ban doesn’t pass, said interim City Manager Mike Healy.

“If the voters do not approve the ban on marijuana sales and there is not a measure on the ballot this November for approving a tax, the city will be unable to collect any revenue or have the opportunity to refer such a tax until November of 2018,” he said.

In discussion August 1, councilors worried that voters will be confused by the presence of two seemingly conflicting measure on the ballot. However, if the ban passes, the 3 percent tax won’t go into effect, Healy said.

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