Cannabis Can Help Our Species Survive


It’s interesting to read all the cannabis controversy in the local news. Typical concerns are: “Cannabis doesn’t fit with the character or our town; not family friendly; inadequate studies, etc.”

These come from the population that voted against legalization of the plant. This calcified world view birthed from the propaganda machine that the government constructed in the early 1900s and has continued to refine to this day. These folks are not comfortable with altered states of consciousness or in experiencing the universe without the safety of their mind filter (ego) engaged all of the time. They are afraid of people who do choose to experience the universe that way. The typical ego identified mind is occupied with reducing, labeling, and categorizing data into thought structures that fit neatly into preconceived views of the world and itself. Allowing our minds to open, be still and deepening into the present moment is not valued by our distraction addicted culture; staring in amazement at a spider weaving its web is a waste of time, but looking at a Facebook photo of your friend’s latte is awesome. Our culture reinforces the illusion of separateness from each other and from nature and is why our world is dysfunctional.

What justification is there for the belief that cannabis is not family friendly? Does this imply that liquor, tobacco and gun stores are? Or does this refer to the shattered family whose daddy had to go to prison for possession? Are parents unsure how to talk honestly to their children about cannabis in a way that doesn’t conflict with the legacy of lies churned out by our government? It’s awkward to tell your kid that the government doesn’t hold their health and safety as a concern, but it’s true. Why else would they not offer instructions on the safe way to engage with cannabis rather than inventing moronic campaigns like “Just say no.” Your honest discussion would contrast zero direct cannabis deaths with the annual counts of 19,000 deaths from doctor prescribed pain killers and the subsequent manufacture of 1.

9 million prescription pain killer addicts by our medical “care” industry, 480,000 deaths from tobacco and the 18,000 deaths from alcoholic liver disease. This honest discussion might also include the fact that 600,000 people (mostly black) were arrested for simple possession and mention how that arrest ruined their lives by black balling them to employers, lenders and public assistance programs. It was the insane drug laws that ruined their lives, not the drugs.

An honest discussion would mention that cannabis and other plant teachers can allow an opening directly to the god within you and a realization that a “third” party religious system is not required at all for communion with God. An honest discussion will mention the many reasons humans have used cannabis for millennia (spiritual, medicinal and “recreational”), safe ways to engage with cannabis and what really constitutes abuse. It’s a big discussion to have with a child; for many it’s much easier to just exhibit disdain for the plant, parrot the government lies and keep the dysfunction going.

Even with legalization here in Colorado, cannabis users are in the same environment that pagan spiritual practitioners found themselves in the during the Salem witch trials. They can’t talk openly about it without putting their employment in jeopardy. They are subject to random drug tests in the work place that could cost them their job. Users still risk alienation from friends, family and religious systems should they be “outed.” It is only because I am retired that I can write an opinion like this.

Cannabis and other plant entheogens have deepened my connection to nature, allowed me to see myself in others, and helped me deal with health issues including depression, asthma and arthritis, made me aware of my destructive ego based behaviors and deepened my sense of gratitude and acceptance of my mortality. We’ve built a strong identity with our cultural ego to the exclusion of knowing who we really are: a miraculous, divine creation experiencing itself and flowering into the universe. Our culture is killing us and the planet. It needs to change if we are to survive as a species. Cannabis can help us do that.

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