ON: A Few More Marijuana Dispensaries Go Up In Smoke In Toronto


Toronto Police have executed another round of raids, forcing three marijuana dispensary shops to close their doors.

In total, six people were arrested.

The shops include “Section 56,” at 912 Danforth Avenue, “S.W.E.D.,” at 988 Pape Avenue, and “S.W.E.D.,” at 1898 Danforth Avenue.

During Project Claudia in May, “S.W.E.D.” at 1898 Danforth Avenue was raided, re-opened, and began operating again.

Daniel Her, 21, was arrested at that location in May and was arrested for a second time, also at that location, during the latest round of raids.

Mark Pugash with the Toronto Police Service says he isn’t surprised, considering that some people were very vocal, vowing to continue operating in the city.

“A lot of the advocates have put forward this fiction that there’s a grey area in the law. There is no grey area. The law says it’s illegal and until the law says it’s not illegal, it remains illegal. The fact it will change at some point in the future does not matter.”

During this round of raids 21.5 pounds of cannabis and over $15,000 was seized.

Since May, 50 marijuana dispensaries have been raided by Toronto Police.

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