WA: Motion Aims to Ban Marijuana Sales In Downtown Spokane


Spokane, Wash. – Marijuana sales have been legal since 2014, but there is a new effort to ban sales in downtown Spokane.

On Monday, Spokane City lawmakers will vote on the motion.

Proponents of the initiative said they have no problem with marijuana use. Instead, they insist downtown Spokane, with families and kids around, should not be a place to sell pot.

“When you have children walking downtown, seeing someone puffing on a joint, that’s concerning,” said motion proponent Tim Coyle.

As Spokane lawmakers prepare for a vote, numbers from the Spokane Police Department indicate that crime actually decreased following the opening of the area’s first marijuana shop.

Proponents of the motion still stand by their beliefs.

“The things we’ve collected on our campus, marijuana packets, needles,” said Coyle.

Many people took to KREM 2’s Facebook page to state their opinions on the ban.

Ed Rounard wrote KREM 2 and said, “They should be treated the same way establishments that sell alcohol are treated. No better, no worse.”

Darren Carpenter stated, “I would strongly disagree with this act. If anything, have a legal, safe place to purchase THC products would reduce the illegal drug transactions.”

“Yes, they should ban them in certain areas because there are people out there that don’t want to be breathing that stuff in. Or have their kids around it,” wrote Eric Shutt.

Should Spokane’s City Council approve the motion, voters will not have their say for quite a while. The initiative would not be on the ballot until at least the 2017 election.

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