AB: Medical Marijuana Growers Want Pot Extracts Covered For Veterans


Commercial medical marijuana growers are launching a parliamentary E-Petition calling on the federal government to cover marijuana extracts for Canadian veterans.

Philippe Lucas with Canadian Medical Cannabis Council says Veterans Affairs covers the cost of cannabis when purchased through a licensed producer, but not oils and extracts.

“Which are preferred by some patients for a number of reasons including the fact that you don’t have to smoke the cannabis, in other words, it may present a safer method of ingestion.”

Trevor Bungay, a veteran who served 17 years in the Canadian Armed Forces as an Infantry Soldier, says veterans are benefiting from marijuana, and getting off other prescription drugs.

“Just for an example I was on 22 pills a day and I stand today taking zero, just because of medical cannabis, and it actually saved my life.”

Lucas, who works for BC-based grower Tilray, denies he’s in a conflict of interest pushing for this.

He suggests Veterans Affairs Canada will actually see a cost-savings from covering it.

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