FL: Alachua County Passes Cannabis Ordinances


Gainesville, Fla. – Cannabis was a hot topic tonight between commissioners and community. While there were speculations about some proposals, both sides came out with an agreement.

Marijuana advocates were happy to hear county ordinances pass on decriminalization and dispensaries.

Commissioners’ in-depth discussion with the community means changes will be made.

Dispensaries were approved in unincorporated areas, and marijuana itself will be decriminalized in Alachua County.

Instead of making arrests, officers have the ability to write tickets for anyone caught carrying under 20 grams of marijuana.

But former Gainesville Police Officer Bruce Nelson said this option leaves users with the short end of the stick.

“You can, upon a plea agreement, expunge your record,” Nelson said. “When you get that civil citation, you don’t expunge that, it’s not criminal.”

Race also came into play during the discussion, and the concern arose that minorities would be targeted with arrests and caucasians would be given tickets.

Advocates argued while it is a valid concern, it is something worth studying and correcting.

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