NM: Health Department Denies Request For Marijuana Dispensary Drive-Thru Window


Marijuana dispensaries are popping up all over, making it pretty convenient for patients to get what they need. Now one dispensary wants to make the process even easier by adding a drive-thru.

Not everyone’s excited about the idea of a drive-thru window for marijuana, but the owner said it’s not what you think. One big difference between a fast food drive-thru and one of this kind? There’s no menu.

“This would be a pre-order only pick up window,” said David White, president of medical cannabis dispensary Organtica. “Really what it is [about] is to help facilitate our PTSD patients.”

White explains how the idea would cater to those patients.

“PTSD is the largest condition within the program and many of our PTSD patients are triggered simply by being in retail environments, triggered by being in lines or being in crowds and that tends to be the case at many of the dispensaries,” White said.

The Department of Health wasn’t sold on the idea and denied the request Wednesday morning. However, that’s not stopping the company from moving forward. Their location off of Menual and Morningside in Albuquerque will be a first for Organtica, which was one of 12 newly licensed dispensaries in 2016. It’s set to open in September with or without a drive-thru.

“It is a little controversial,” White said. “It’s something new and it’s something that will take time.”

White told KOB he looks forward to proposing the idea with the Department of Health again when it seems appropriate.

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