CO: Denver Social Pot Use Petition Submitted


Kusa – Let the counting begin.

Ten thousand, 800 signatures were delivered to the Denver Elections Division, aimed at putting a proposal on the November ballot to expand pot consumption in the city. The official name: the “Denver Neighborhood Approved Cannabis Consumption Pilot Program.”

“They just don’t have a place to go,” said Josh Kappel, a spokesperson for the proposed initiative. “So, we’ve sort of created this paradox where people can but cannabis, but they actually can’t use it anywhere.”

The proposal would allow either new or existing businesses to provide a space where people 21 and over could light up, as long as a city-registered neighborhood organization approves of it and it gets approval from the city’s department of excise and licenses. Supporters said it would keep pot use out of sight, while still complying with the state’s Clean Indoor Air Act.

“No combustion of cannabis indoors. If there was combustion of cannabis to exist, it would be in outdoor patios, rooftop decks, things of that nature – but again, outside the view of public right away, and places where children congregate,” said Kayvan Khalatbari, with the Denver Neighborhood-Supported Cannabis Consumption Committee.

Henny Lasley, executive director of Smart Colorado, said her organization is concerned with the proposal, particularly with what happens after people would leave a business where pot can be used.

“Denver citizens need to be especially concerned, not just with what happens inside the club, but what happens after and once someone is on the road and under the influence of Colorado’s highly potent marijuana that really puts all of us on the roads in danger,” Lasley said.

This isn’t the only proposal on pot that could be on the November ballot in Denver. A competing proposal would allow private marijuana consumption clubs.

Denver elections officials have 25 days to verify more than 4,700 of the signatures turned in.

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