Marijuana Decision The ‘Best Compromise’


A Steamboat Springs marijuana business owner has mixed feelings about a decision by federal officials related to the legality of marijuana.

An announcement from the Drug Enforcement Administration on Thursday stated the agency would not reclassify marijuana from its status as an illegal, schedule one drug, but there will be more opportunities for researchers to study the medicinal qualities of marijuana.

“I’m really not surprised,” Rocky Mountain Remedies co-owner Kevin Fisher said. “Do I wish the outcome was different? Yes, I do.”

In its decision, the DEA decided marijuana would stay classified among the most dangerous drugs because it does not meet the criteria for currently-accepted medical use, there is a lack of accepted safety for its use under medical supervision and marijuana has a high potential for abuse.

With a policy change, the DEA hopes to expand the number of marijuana producers that can distribute marijuana to researchers after registering with the DEA.

“I’ve got to think this is the best compromise we’re going to see,” Fisher said. “Let’s answer some of the questions the DEA has by opening it up for research purposes.”

Currently, the University of Mississippi is the only entity federally approved to grow marijuana for research purposes.

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