New Marijuana Dispensary Opens In London


London’s newest medical marijuana dispensary is on a mission to give fair treatment to all of its customers.

Tasty Budds, located at 96 Wharncliffe Rd. S, opened Friday with hopes of “helping the community” and providing “fair and reasonable access” to medical marijuana for everyone.

The newly opened location marks the sixth store for the company and Tim Balogh, vice president of Tasty Budds London, says the new location is a perfect fit.

“London is just a great community, it’s got a lot of great people, hardworking people, and it’s very progressive,” he says.

Tasty Budds has the promise to do something different, as Balogh outlines the company’s policy on sales to customers who may be left in the lurch.

“Maybe they don’t have a place to grow on their own, they don’t have the ability or the funds, maybe they only have $5 in their bank account so they can’t afford to make a large order,” Balogh says. “They can come down here and get one gram.”

However, that doesn’t mean that the company’s rules are any more slack than a licensed producer, according to Balogh.

“We’re selling high-quality product, you’re getting the best quality but we’re also following strict regulations,” says Balogh. “You have to have a medical card or prescription, we’re going to verify with the doctors before any sales are made.”

In terms of the support from the City of London, Balogh says that some is left to be desired. Despite this, he hasn’t given up hope.

“They’re a little behind the times on where we should be,” says Balogh. “They haven’t recognized that there is a gap, but I feel like things will be changing quickly.”

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