AZ: Town Passes Re-Do Permits For Copperstate, Mountain Time Management


Snowflake – The “re-dos” for the special use permits with Planning and Zoning and the Town Council took place on Thursday and Friday, Aug. 11 and 12, respectively, again at the Snowflake fire station.

Though the crowds were heavy both nights, there appeared to be less people in attendance. Each night, people who wanted to speak, were allowed to come forward and state their case, keeping their comments to three minutes or less.

Then both Copperstate and Mountain State reiterated each issue of the requirements for the SUPs and what they had done to meet or exceed those requirements to be in compliance.

One member of the public disputed the 500-foot space requirement regarding the mobile home in the Industrial Park, which had been grandfathered in when the area was rezoned. Later, Adam Baugh, zoning attorney for Copperstate, noted that a certified survey proved differently.

The P&Z vote was a 2-2, which differed from its previous unanimous vote. One of the commissioners was absent.

The next evening, as expected, a no-change vote from the town council tallied 4 votes for and 3 against. The votes were the same for both Copperstate and Mountain State Management.

There were moving pleas on both sides of the issue from citizens, with one citizen even referring to this issue as dividing the Snowflake community. But there was not a sound in the room when council member Lynn Johnson, who still held to his “no” vote, addressed the recall on his colleagues, attesting to their dedication to Snowflake and the unnecessary financial impact this recall, initiated by recall a non-resident, Ken Krieger, will have on the town, including the cost of a recall for Terril Kay, who will not even be running again.

Johnson pointed out that having worked side by side with these men, he knows the hours they have put in on behalf of the town, including all the volunteering they have done and the many difficult decisions they had been called on make.

In essence, Johnson said they did not deserve some of the comments Krieger made in the paper and do not deserve the recall action. Johnson also said Krieger had called him and he listened and asked Krieger some pertinent questions to which he did not receive satisfactory answers.

Johnson admonished outsiders for being in Snowflake’s business because they do not know “our town.”
Johnson did not mince words when he said, “These are good men and that’s ridiculous for some guy from Peoria to come in and tell you people what to do.”

After the vote, the SUPs were issued for the second time to both Copperstate Farms and Mountain Time Management.

Copperstate is now ready to proceed with closing on their facility, begin renovation and hire workers. It now has more than 880 applications to sort through.

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