IL: A Look Inside A Marijuana Cultivation Plant


Delavan, Ill. – It’s been just over a year since Illinois began to legalize medical marijuana.

In that short time 19 cultivation centers have popped up across the state.

On Monday, one of those centers located in Delavan gave people a glimpse at what goes on there.

For the first time since they began production more than a year ago, Revolution Cannabis in Delavan has opened their doors to the public and I was lucky enough to be one of the first to tour this state of the art facility.

As you step into this massive 75,000 square foot plant, it feels more like a high tech lab, than a marijuana grow center.

“Our goal here and always has been is to advance the science of cannabis, to better understand the plant,” said Tim McGraw with Revolution Cannabis.

It starts with hundreds of marijuana plants grown in special heat and light regulated rooms.

“After the plant life cycle about four and a half months the plants are harvested and they’re brought back to the processing section,” said Dustin Shroyer with Revolution Cannabis.

Here the plants are trimmed, hung to dry, trimmed again, and cured before being released to market.
But not all of the plants stay in this flower form.

“Any of the material that is not a-grade that we sell as flower will come into here and we will do different extraction processes to get to the products that you see today,” said manager Russel Draffen.

And it’s not all just about creating the product, many of the chemists were drawn here for the research.

“If I uncover something then it’s something I can publish that hasn’t been out there unless it’s in Israel or Portugal. There’s not many places where they have clinical research,” said chemist Andrew Gumbiner.

That possibility is what the CEO said is the main reason these plants exist.

“We’re not just here to pump out flower. We are here to as you can see analyze and understand the chemistry of the plant to further the science of cannabis,” said McGraw.

And the management tells me they only plan to continue to grow as both regulation and demand expand here in Illinois.

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