MA: Decision Day For Proposed Medical Marijuana Facility In Springfield


Springfield, Mass. – In an 8-3 vote, Springfield City Councilors voted against granting Hampden Care Facility a host agreement to build a medical marijuana dispensary at 506 Cottage Street.

City Councilors didn’t agree with a clause in the contract allowing Hampden Care to be the only medical marijuana dispensary in the City for 10 years. “That 10 year benchmark is a little issue, but there’s a couple of other things that councilors have questions about. Hopefully we can get through tonight. If not, we’ll see where it goes,” said Springfield City Councilor Adam Gomez.

Councilors also argued against the “Good Neighbor Agreement.” It would have allowed Hampden Care to solely pay Indian Orchard and East Springfield for allowing them to operate in their neighborhood. The Council wants Springfield as a whole to be compensated.

Earlier this month, the City’s Health and Human Services Committee did not formally recommend the host agreement, something that the City Councilors heavily considered.

Hampden Care now has the option to change these clauses in their contract, and present a revised version to the Council. If the Council accepts the new contract, Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno would still have the option to shut down the dispensary, or alter its exclusivity, if it fails to perform up to the City’s standards.

22News will let you know if or when a new contract is drafted.

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