OR: Featured In Portland Real Estate Listings – Marijuana Plants


Portland, Ore. – Forget stainless steel appliances or master suites. There’s a new selling point in some Portland real estate listings: pot plants.

A Redditor posted a property for sale in Northeast Portland that featured multiple large pot plants in the home’s backyard. The photo showing the plants (see screenshot attached) has since been removed from the real estate site listing. The home is listed at $199,999 and although the plants are not part of the agent’s summary, the house is described as a “charming home with LOTS to offer.”

An employee of the real estate website Estately noticed another home with a porch full of cannabis plants in Milwaukie. That six-bedroom home is listed at $425,000.

It’s unclear whether the plants are included in the sale or if buyers can request the plants remain on the property.

It’s legal for recreational users to grow up to four cannabis plants at their home. Medical marijuana users can possess up to six mature plants at a time, according to the Oregon Health Authority.

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