TN: Ordinance Aiming To Decriminalize Marijuana Up For First Reading


Nashville, TN – There have been a number of legal changes when it comes to marijuana in recent years, and Nashville could be the next city to chart its own course.

An ordinance is calling for small amounts of marijuana to be decriminalized.

Right now, anyone caught with half an ounce or less of marijuana faces up to six years in jail and a $5,000 fine.

Council members proposing this change say that criminal records hurt people trying to get jobs. This proposed change would bump the penalty down to a civil offense, so the offender would get a $50 ticket and community service.

The purpose of this is to cut down the number of drug arrests and jail time. According to Metro police, officers arrested 18,000 people for having marijuana in the last year and a half. The majority of those were misdemeanors.

The bill’s sponsors include a former state trooper and a councilman who represents a high-crime area. They believe any differences could be worked out between the city and police.

Mayor Megan Barry says she generally supports the idea, but she’s still reviewing the ordinance, which is up for a first reading on Tuesday night. Click here to read the full text of the ordinance.

Stay with Channel 4 for updates from Tuesday night’s Metro Council meeting.

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Full Article: Ordinance Aiming To Decriminalize Marijuana Up For First Reading
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