CO: Evans City Council Won’t Put Retail Marijuana Allowance On November Ballot


The Evans City Council this week opted to hold off on decisions about allowing retail marijuana outlets in the city.

In a work session Tuesday night, the council decided not to make any formal decisions on the idea of lifting an existing ban to allow retail outlets in city limits, after learning the potential costs of polling residents on their views or putting a question on the general election ballot. The council has been discussing the options since June. City sales taxes are shrinking, so officials are looking for ways to diversify their revenues.

With the deadline of Sept. 9 approaching for ballot questions to be submitted, City Clerk Raegan Robb and Communications Manager Kristan Williams reported polling and ballot costs to the council.

The topic of allowing medical and retail marijuana in Evans was first addressed in a meeting June 7, where they opted to explore costs of both ideas.

Williams this week told the council polling would be timely and costly – about $15,000-$30,000, depending on the type – and the question would be the only one on the ballot in November if it went to voters. The council agreed to find other means of hearing residents’ concerns, such as city hall meetings and public hearings.

Williams said neighboring communities, such as Garden City and Fort Collins, took this option over polling – both cities allow retail marijuana outlets.

Though council members have varying opinions of the substance they ultimately want to give residents what they want.

“If the citizens want it, they’ll come to us,” said Mayor Pro Tem Brian Rudy.

Robb noted how Evans residents voted on Amendment 64 in 2012 – 54 percent of residents voted “yes” for legalized recreational weed, while 45 percent voted “no.”

Councilwoman Laura Speer mentioned funds from Evans’ sales taxes are shrinking, so any options where Evans can get extra cash should be explored.

“We need to be diversified in our revenue,” she said.

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