OH: Justices Move To Allow Lawyers To Represent Marijuana Clients


The Ohio Supreme Court is moving to alter its professional conduct rules for lawyers to clarify the legal services they can offer to clients connected to Ohio’s upcoming medical marijuana business.

The justices ordered their staff to prepare a draft amendment to the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct after an advisory opinion last week suggested lawyers could face ethical violations if they represented clients involved with medical marijuana.

“Although non-binding, the Court is aware that the advisory opinion has led some lawyers to question whether they can assist clients in complying with the new law,” Chief Justice Maureen O’C onnor said in a statement. “The Court hopes to act expeditiously in addressing their concerns and, if necessary, amend ethics rules to clarify the role of attorneys in light of the new law.”

She said that attorneys in other states have faced similar ethics challenges. The changes in Ohio rules could be approved by the end of the month.

“Again, the Court intends to act as swiftly as possible,” O’Connor said. “However, we do not want to rush the process to the point of creating additional problems.”

Ohio legalized marijuana for medical use for a variety of ailments, but the state only is beginning to set up a licensure process.

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