AU: Medical Cannabis One Step Closer In The South-West


Access to medicinal cannabis is one step closer, according to the state government.

Victoria was the first state in Australia to legalise access to medicinal cannabis for those in exceptional circumstances and will soon be trailed by those in need.

Medical oncologist Terri Hayes said the use of medical cannabis was “pretty controversial” but had proven effective in relieving cancer-related nausea and pain.

“We believe it can provide symptom relief,” she said.

Western Region Alcohol and Drug Centre (WRAD) director Geoff Soma said he would always be in favour of anything that helped people.

Western Victoria Primary Health Network medical adviser Jane Opie said the government would ensure careful control in administration to those approved as being in need.

Doctor Opie said the way the cannabis was extracted ensured it was rid of the euphoric effects.

“It’s not for people to get high,” she said. “It’s not about altering the mind.”

She said by targeting a specific aspect of cannabis, it could reduce the symptoms of patients with long-term or chronic illnesses.

The government said it would undertake a small-scale, strictly controlled cannabis cultivation trial in April.

The Premier Daniel Andrews on Tuesday announced the horticultural trial was now ready grow multiple plants for the first patient group.

Health Minister Jill Hennessy said the new Medical Advisory Committee would use the very best medical evidence available so doctors and families could have confidence in the medicinal cannabis access scheme.

“We are delivering on our promise to give access to medicinal cannabis as soon as possible because we know it can change lives,” she said.

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