NSW: Medical Cannabis Is Unlikely To Be Subject To An Amnesty


Police Minister Troy Grant has hosed down calls for an amnesty on medical cannabis users.

The overwhelming majority of respondents to a series of The Daily Advertiser surveys say they want an amnesty for medical cannabis users. They also strongly supported patients being able to grow their own cannabis for personal medical use.

However, a spokesman for the Deputy Premier said parliamentarians “do not and cannot” direct police on how to investigate or when to prosecute.

A spokesman for Pru Goward, Minister for Medical Research, said the NSW Government developed the Terminal Illness Cannabis Scheme (TICS) to “extend compassion to adults with a terminal illness, who were using, or wished to use, cannabis to alleviate their symptoms but feared prosecution for possession and use”.

“The scheme provides guidelines for NSW Police officers to help determine the appropriate circumstances in which to use their discretion not to charge adults with terminal illness who use cannabis or cannabis products to alleviate their symptoms and carers who assist them,” the spokesman said.

“The Terminal Illness Cannabis Scheme also addresses the concerns of carers who may assist terminally ill users to source cannabis.”

Information about the medicinal cannabis trials and the TICS is available on the NSW Health website.

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