Danish Politicians Positive Over Medicinal Cannabis Trial


It seems like medicinal cannabis is moving ever closer to becoming a reality in Denmark, as a high number of politicians are in favour of a trial in southern Denmark in the near future.

National broadcaster DR has held a survey regarding the issue and most politicians were positively inclined to holding the trial.

“It can dull the pain and make things better for citizens who are having a rough time of it,” Holger Gorm Petersen from the new right-wing party Nye Borgerlige Party, who is a member of the national health committee, told DR Nyheder.

“So therefore I am open to carrying out some trials.”

Puff, puff, pass the bill

As of now, it seems that Socialdemokraterne, Nye Borgerlige, Enhedslisten, Socialistiske Folkeparti and Radikale are in favour of some trials, while Dansk Folkeparti, Venstre and Konservative have yet to make a decision.

A medicinal cannabis trial can only take place if the politicians in Parliament decide to legalise its use in Denmark. A proposal has been fluttering about ever since Alternativet made one in 2015.

Earlier this year, Alternativet suggested that the struggling island communities in Denmark could be given an economic boost by being turned into cannabis-farming communities should Parliament adopt a proposal to legalise cannabis for medicinal use.

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