AK: Juneau’s First Cannabis Farm Passes State Inspection


Juneau, Alaska – Juneau’s first state-certified commercial cannabis farm is up and running with plans to start selling their products as soon as October.

Rainforest Farms received a final inspection and was certified to begin full-scale production on Friday. Brothers James and Giono Barrett, who run the grow operation, have already filled the site with nearly 300 cannabis plants.

“It’s cool to think that someone’s going to purchase the cannabis that comes off of these. I know that’s pretty straightforward, but it’s exciting to me,” James Barrett told The Juneau Empire. “At this point, now that we have our license, it’s all real.”

One other business has received permission to grow cannabis in Juneau but has not yet passed inspection. Several others are awaiting state permission.

It will still be some time before Rainforest Farms starts selling to customers. Gionno Barrett said the growing process takes about three and a half months, and that they won’t begin selling until mid-October, at the earliest.

The Barretts are growing 55 types of cannabis and plan to offer as many as 30 at a time when their store opens. They said they will determine which products will stay based on what people want.

“It’s still experimental,” Gionno Barrett said. “We’re trying to get the consumer to figure out what they want and develop a palate. It’s a trial and error process, but it’s a fun process.”

That state Marijuana Control Board is expected to approve the first licenses for stores to sell marijuana next month.

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