Denmark Takes Small Step Towards Medicinal Cannabis


The Region of Southern Denmark on Tuesday agreed to move forward on a plan that could see the region become the first in the nation to prescribe cannabis for medicinal use.

The region’s board of health gave the go-head to seek funding for a medicinal cannabis trial programme.

“There are so many people who suffer from serious illnesses like cancer and sclerosis who say that [cannabis] has an alleviating effect,’ the board’s chairman, Poul-Erik Svendsen told broadcaster DR.

He said that the region hopes to launch a trial programme within a year that will investigate the effectiveness and possible side effects of prescription cannabis.

Despite ongoing debates about legalizing cannabis use – and Danes’ overwhelming support of legalizing it for medicinal use – Denmark has historically taken an official hard-line stance on cannabis for both recreational and medicinal use.

However, the former centre-left government and current ruling party Venstre agreed in 2014 to earmark funding for “research projects on pain relief, including the use of medicinal cannabis”.

According to DR, parliament is currently considering loosening the national laws on medicinal cannabis.

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