NYS Department Of Health Considering Changes To Medical Marijuana Program


Albany, N.Y.

The state’s Department of Health is considering a dozen changes to the state’s medical marijuana program.

The recommendations were released as part of a two year review.

Nancy Rivera is still searching for a registered physician that can write her a prescription for medical marijuana.

The cancer survivor, who is also suffering from type 2 diabetes, says new recommendations from the state do not make her feel much better than when we talked to her last November.

“They come back with, ‘Guess what? Hey, this is what we’re going to do,’ and it’s all the things that we told them, or asked them, or pleaded with them to do in the past four years,” said Rivera.

The state’s health department wants to explore ways to make medical marijuana more accessible to healthcare facilities and schools, add more brands of the drug and locations, and allow nurse practitioners along with doctors to certify patients for treatment.

“It really upset me when I read the article online last night, because we didn’t have to go through all this and the little children who’ve been sick with epilepsy did not have to go through all this,” Rivera said.

We asked the department of health if they admit the program is not off to the start they’d hoped.

They told us just the opposite, saying the implementation of the project has been a success, with more than 6,000 certified patients and 650 doctors.

The recommendations are under review, and they hope to release more detail in the next few weeks.

Direct questions on what type of medication could be available, where new locations could be located, and how many nurse practitioners would be able to write prescriptions were not answered.

According to the state health department’s two year review of the medical marijuana program, there are 24 registered practitioners and 99 patients with active certificates in Monroe County.

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