Cannabis Oil Won’t Be Sourced In Cayman, Says MLA


Health Councillor Roy McTaggart told Cayman 27 when cannabis oil is approved for medical use in Cayman, it won’t be grown on Cayman’s soil.

He said allowing local farmers to cultivate marijuana would create the need for additional layers of regulation and testing, something he said government is not prepared to do.

He told Cayman 27 his gut feeling is that the majority are behind medical cannabis oil, but legalizing it for casual consumption is another story.

“I’m not sure that as a community we are ready for a full legalization, certainly this government does not have a mandate from the people at this point to do so, but we believe there is the support for, for the medical use of it. That;s why we’ve agreed to get it done,” said Mr. McTaggart.

He said the model government favors still considers cannabis a schedule one drug, but it will be treated similarly to opioids already strictly controlled.

He says the cannabis oil legislation will be taken on when the LA is back in session.

News Moderator: Katelyn Baker
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Author: Joseph Avary
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