FL: Why Some Say The Bay Area’s New Medical Marijuana Dispensary Just Isn’t Enough


Lithia, Fla. – Rene Petro’s life came crashing down 6 years ago. Her healthy 8-year-old boy suddenly started seizing.

“I kept hearing him say it hurts, please stop hurting me,” said Petro

Her son Branden’s seizures never stopped. He suffers from a rare for of epilepsy. Rene’s has documented his struggles fighting for relief for years. It finally came.

“We finally have dispensary’s that are here,” said Petro.

The first one locally opened just last week. Her son is the first patient at his doctor’s office to get on the patient registry.

“While I want to jump up and down and say this is amazing it is still not enough,” said Petro.

She has two main concerns. While Branden can’t go to school, she feels strongly that educators need to be up to speed for the kids that can. Her top concern, people knowing what is legal.

“There still needs to be a lot of education. Law enforcement needs to be open on learning how they can access the patient registry,” said Petro.

She will rally for what she has seen in other states. She wants every patient and caregiver to get a certificate,
a form of proof that they are not breaking the law for having low does of marijuana.

Petro said she saw it done in California where Branden went for treatment.

She realizes dispensary’s are new and there’s lots to learn. She just hopes on making it a smooth process.

“Whatever I can do I will. I think anyone would to help any family. Dieases do not discriminate,” said Petro.

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