TX: State Today To Begin Writing Legal Marijuana Rules


The Texas Public Safety Commission, which manages the DPS, will take a step today that few expected would be possible five years ago…it will begin to put together the regulations to govern the first legal production of marijuana in the state, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The Commission will begin work on a bill passed by the 2015 Legislature and grudgingly signed by Gov. Greg Abbott, to begin to write the rules to make cannaboid oil available to patients which specific seizure conditions.

Former Austin Corrections Officer Glenn Mays says he will be standing in line to buy legal cannabis oil to help his five year old son, who was born with epilepsy.

“I got a hold of some cannabis oil, I tried it on my son, and it worked amazingly,” Mays told News Radio 1200 WOAI. “We went thirty days without seizures.”

But Mays and other individuals who suffer from seizure disorders say they can’t wait the two years it will take for the material to make it to the legal market.

“When I ran out, I said, we need to get to Colorado ASAP,” he said. “I don’t want to risk going to jail to get my son the treatment he needs.”

Many Texans have become what have been called ‘medical refugees,’ traveling to states where marijuana is legal, like Colorado or Oregon, to pick up cannaboid oil and bring it, illegally, into Texas.

The Public Safety Commission will have to study several issues. First, it will create a registry of people who suffer from the right types of seizure disorders that quality for cannaboid oil. Then is has to come up with a way to license marijuana growers, who will produce the product, and then determine how and where it can be sold (for instance, will you be able to buy it on line or will you have to go to a store), and even how much the substance will cost.

The Legislature says all this has to be in place by 2018.

Meanwhile, momentum is growing in the Legislature to legalize a broader scope of medical marijuana, pointing out that veterans suffering from PTSD, for example, should not be denied life improving treatment.

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