ND: Medical Cannabis Is Another Health Tool


I am writing in favor of the Nov. 8 initiated measure (5) for medical marijuana (cannabis), The North Dakota Compassionate Care Act. I have informed and educated myself on the history, current issues and facts. I have attended conferences, listened to leading experts in the medical and scientific fields speaking about the mounting evidence of its healing properties, pain relieving, calming effects, as well as many other beneficial properties.

Volunteers in the dozens spent over six months gathering signatures all over North Dakota for the medical marijuana measure, turning in over 17,000 North Dakota citizens’ names, voicing their opinion. The message was very clear: North Dakota citizens want the same opportunity as the patients in 25 other states who already can request medical marijuana as a safe option, prescribed by their physician as another alternative when they are ill.

The North Dakota ballot measure will cover many documented diagnosed illnesses. A few of these are pain, epilepsy, PTSD, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms, arthritis and cancer care. For a complete list, you may read the measure in its entirety on the Web at NDCCA 2016 – Home and like us on Facebook and for more facts go to NDcompassionatecareact20l6.

There are no documented deaths from cannabis. The Mayo Cinic considers medical cannabis to be a relatively well-researched drug for the treatment of intractable pain. It is also increasingly helping patients to wean off of long-term opiate use with far fewer side effects.

Let us provide health, healing and hope – as well as safe access to a proven medicine.

A vote for Measure 5 is a vote of true compassion and caring for so many in our state. They are counting on us to vote yes.

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