NZ: Why Can’t John Key Ask Us About Cannabis?


When will it be the right time for our current Prime Minister to involve the people in his decisions? Decisions that could have so many health benefits for lots of unwell people?

When we voted for John Key, was it to give him the absolute right to dictate to the rest of us all the time, or just when it suits him?

I was not asked if we should spend $23 million on trying to replace our current flag – John Key just went ahead and did it anyway.

So, why is it that John Key disregards the views of so many of us on the use of medicinal cannabis?

Why not ask the people themselves, perhaps in the form of another referendum?

That referendum need not cost $23 million. In fact, a text referendum would give an initial idea of just how many of us would like to be treated (as adults) for a change.

Just imagine the reality of being exposed to a true democratic exercise; how quaint, how unusual.

It is time to share some decisions John Key. The people trusted you, didn’t they? How about you share that trust?

Imagine if that $23 million had been used to explore the benefits of cannabis in the treatment of cancers, and a myriad of other known health problems?

How good would that have been to actually have some definitive data for a change, instead of all the fear mongering and unsupported scare talk?

Let’s never forget that cannabis was freely available everywhere from the early 1800s until American companies put it under lock and key in the late 1930s because they saw cannabis as a serious financial threat to the pharmaceutical industry (this is well documented on the internet).

It seems to me that governments actually fear the data on the health benefits of cannabis that will become obvious very quickly if actual research were carried out here in New Zealand.

We all need to know the benefits of a plant that was placed on our earth by our creator.

Our world is becoming littered with success stories from people who have been forced into using cannabis as a last resort for pain relief (and with lots of success too) for many problems, but then having to hide from the law – how ridiculous.

Give the people of New Zealand an opportunity to be involved in true democracy.

News Moderator: Katelyn Baker
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Author: Fred Kent
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