OH: Perkins Prohibits Medical Marijuana


During a recent public meeting, all three trustees voted to ban those cultivating, processing, selling and dispensing the substance anywhere within township limits.

The local legislation supersedes a state law, effective Sept. 8, allowing pre-approved patients to inhale marijuana in non-smoking form, such as vapor, for certain chronic health conditions. It would bar them from either smoking or growing it at home.

The state law includes a provision allowing political subdivisions, such as Perkins Township, to institute a temporary or permanent ban of medical marijuana. Sandusky also approved something similar, a 12-month moratorium, in recent days.

Even if officials representing Sandusky and Perkins Township didn’t approve a ban, people in Ohio still can’t legally get high next month.

“It will take at least a year for the state to establish their regulations,” Sandusky assistant planner Casey Sparks said said. “It is our general understanding that a general resident after Sept. 8 still could not buy or sell, cultivate or process it because the state hasn’t established regulations yet.”

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