Ohio Establishing Rules For Medical Marijuana Distribution


Youngstown, Ohio – Medical marijuana becomes legal in Ohio on September 8 of this year, but there’s not a lot of information on how it will be distributed.

The Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program has not adopted many rules at this point. The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy and Department of Commerce are still working on the standards.

“The rules have not been written on this. The Department of Commerce is trying to figure how they ethically and legally can administer this through dispensaries,” said Representative John Boccieri.

Some rules have already been established:

  • Dispensaries cannot be located within 500 feet of a school, church or public library
  • Once the state certifies physicians, they can recommend marijuana for medical conditions such as AIDS, cancer and multiple sclerosis
  • Qualified patients will only be permitted to use marijuana in vaporized, oil, edible or patch forms; they will not be permitted to smoke it

The state will adopt rules by September 8, 2017, and it is estimated that patients won’t be able to purchase medical marijuana in Ohio until 2018.

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