CT: Registration For Medicinal Marijuana Patients Under 18 Opens Today


Beginning Oct. 1, Public Act 16-23 allows minors with select, severe debilitating medical conditions to access medical marijuana. Today, the Department of Consumer Protection opened its medical marijuana registration system for those patients so that they can be fully registered by Oct. 1, and be able to immediately access the medication they seriously need.

The Department of Consumer Protection commended the governor and the members of the legislature who supported this expansion of Connecticut’s medical marijuana program.

“We are pleased to put these common sense, compassionate changes to Connecticut’s Medical Marijuana Program into action,” said Consumer Protection Commissioner Jonathan A. Harris. “In one month patients under the age of 18 with severe debilitating conditions will finally get the medication they need. I am proud of the work our staff at DCP has done to make sure the registration process is up and running so patients can get the medication they need on the first day possible.”

Allowing access for minors with limited and specific conditions brings Connecticut in line with the vast majority of other states that have medical marijuana programs.

The conditions that a patient under 18 must have to register for the program are:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Irreversible Spinal Cord Injury with Objective Neurological Indication of Intractable Spasticity
  • Severe Epilepsy
  • Terminal Illness Requiring End-Of-Life Care
  • Uncontrolled Intractable Seizure Disorder

In order to register for the Medical Marijuana Program, the legal guardian for the patient must:

  • Have the pediatric patient’s primary care provider and a physician who is board certified in an area of medicine involved in the treatment of the debilitating condition, certify that the patient has one of the above qualifying conditions and that the use of medical marijuana is in the patient’s best interest;
  • Register as a primary caregiver and complete the qualifying patient application.
  • Select a licensed, in-state dispensary facility to obtain the medication.

Instructions on how to register pediatric patients can be found on the Department’s website at: ct.gov/dcp/mmp

Patients under 18 are not able to obtain their medication in a smoke-able, inhalable or vaporizable form.

Connecticut’s Medical Marijuana Program remains the first pharmaceutical model in the country, and is one of the most secure, according to the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection. As of this week, Connecticut’s Medical Marijuana Program has over 12,412 registered patients.

For more information about Connecticut’s Medical Marijuana Program, visit ct.gov/dcp/mmp.

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