ND: Local Woman Plans To Open Shop Selling Compound From Cannabis


Vicki Schmidt, a local woman is planning on setting up a shop in the area, selling a drug similar to medical marijuana. She says it’s totally legal and won’t get you high.

Cannabidiol or CBD comes from cannabis, but there is no THC. Many say there are a lot of health benefits.

Schmidt’s day job is testing people for drugs, now, she’s selling them too. “You cannot overdose,” she says. She’s opening a second business, selling products that contain CBD.

“I don’t want you to be high on the roads while we are out there, and because of medical marijuana having such big place in our world.” Says Schmidt. “I felt I had to learn to better empower my clients.”

Schmidt goes to a lot of conferences to learn about various drugs. In the process she discovered CBD won’t get you high, but has similar benefits to medical marijuana. She says it can help anything from anxiety, arthritis, and seizures.

Her dad suffers from COPD, a lung disease. She says the drug has changed his life.

The products she’s selling are legal and won’t show up on a drug test. Schmidt says insurance won’t cover it, but if you buy it off her website, you don’t need a prescription. “It’s a healthy thing without putting pharmaceuticals in my body.”

The Director of the North Dakota Board of Pharmacy says generally these products are sold like an herbal supplement. Saying while there could be some benefit to them, there is not enough research or clinical trials.

Sanford Health says since it’s not an FDA approved drug they don’t prescribe it.

For Schidmt, she’s hoping to open up a shop soon in the valley, and share with people what she says has changed her dad’s life. “Instead of having trouble breathing, I don’t even hear a wheeze in his voice anymore.”

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