NE: Medical Cannabis Legalization Bill May Be Presented To The Legislature In January


It is not legal to have medical marijuana or medical cannabis in Nebraska, but one Senator is weighing his options on bringing another bill forward in January to attempt to legalize it. State Senator Tommy Garrett proposed a bill last year, which was modeled after Minnesota law.

Garrett spoke to Coby Mach on KLIN’s Drive Time Lincoln and expressed disappointment that last year’s medical marijuana legalization bill did not pass. Garrett says, “we fought mightily to get everyone educated on this subject…we knew we had the votes for cloture…we lost a couple votes late in the session and just came up short.”

Senator Garrett stresses the importance of legalizing medical marijuana due to the number of people, specifically children, with illnesses that it could help. Garrett says it was the stories of his constituents who need medical marijuana for treatment that persuaded him to bring the bill forward.

Garrett explains that he never expected the bill to get as much support as it did, stating “I thought I’m going to get eviscerated…and quite the opposite happened. People from all over Nebraska were calling, sending e-mails, sending letters, thanking me for bringing this bill.”

State Senator Tommy Garrett has yet to announce if he plans to present another bill to attempt to legalize medical marijuana and medical cannabis when the legislature returns to session in January.

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