BC: Pot Advocate Says Fight For Rights Won’t Stop After Legalization


Vancouver – A special federal task force working to help Ottawa draft legislation to legalize pot is meeting in Vancouver today, but, of course, not without protest.

Local activists promise to rally outside as members, including BC’s top doctor Perry Kendall, talk to experts as they research the effects of pot.

But, one of these activists is comparing the right to smoke weed to some pretty controversial topics.

Jodie Emery says people across the country are still being arrested for possession and she feels Canadians should have the right to light a joint wherever, whenever they want.

She calls it a “civil liberties movement,” comparing it to gay rights among other things. “From women getting the right to vote to slaves being freed from the United States with the underground railway – these all required lawbreakers to show the criminalization of harmless people is always wrong.”

Emery feels marijuana users are just that – harmless, and what they do doesn’t really impact anybody.

She is also vowing to keep fighting for their rights even after Ottawa introduces new legislation, which is expected next spring. “As long as people are not being arrested and we don’t have an over-regulation system designed to prohibit, then I’ll be happy. As long as everyone involved in the marijuana industry is allowed to participate in the legal industry, and no longer face any criminal penalty, then I’ll be happy. As long as Canadians are being arrested for marijuana in any way, shape or form, I will not be happy. And I will not stop until this discriminatory prohibition campaign ends.”

“You can’t deny people their rights because of a personal choice or lifestyle and for many, many people marijuana is medicine. It’s actually saving their lives.”

Emery claims new research is coming out to prove opioid addiction is being treated with marijuana.

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