IL: Wabash County Commissioners Approve New Cannabis Ordinance


Mount Carmel – The Wabash County Commissioners approved an ordinance regarding cannabis offenses at Tuesday’s meeting.

In July, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a law that decriminalized possession of less than 10 grams of marijuana.

Under the new law, those caught with under the specified amount will be required to pay a fine of $100 to $200. Before the law was passed, possession of up to 10 grams of cannabis was regarded as a class B misdemeanor and could have resulted in up to six months of jail time and a $1,500 fine.

“This means that the 20 year-old won’t be sitting in jail for 3 weeks for less than 10 grams of cannabis,” said Sheriff Derek Morgan. “It will reduce jail populations.”

State’s Attorney Cassandra Goldman said that since the new law has came into effect, counties are left with determining the procedure of prosecuting offenders.

Under the ordinance approved by commissioners, people in possession of less than 10 grams will be able to pay their fine “over the counter,” which means paying the clerk directly, rather than taking up court time.

Goldman said that the new ordinance only pertains to the single possession of marijuana. If a person is in possession of other drugs or commits another crime while in possession of the specified amount of cannabis, the charge would be different.

“It’s my hope that the city will pass an identical ordinance, so that it’s streamlined through the clerks office,” Goldman said.

Five to ten cases a month are applicable to the ordinance.

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