NV: Medical Marijuana Event For Veterans Later This Month In Reno


The medical marijuana industry in Northern Nevada is growing. And while the Silver State is seeing more production facilities and dispensaries, folks seeking a patient card still face many challenges.

“You know a lot of patients had to literally wait for the application in the mail, then send it in the mail and it’s really cumbersome, especially when you’re in pain,” explains Megan Summers with Reef Dispensaries.

Recently Nevada reduced the wait time from two months to two weeks. That gave Sarah Rosenfeld an idea. The founder and owner of MMG Agriculture sought out others in the industry to collaborate in a way that could make the process easier and more affordable. The group came together and decided to specifically reach out to veterans. “They will receive a patient evaluation and notary services that are usually around $200, for free.”

The upcoming event, called the Canna Community Connection will be on Sunday, September 25th at the Midtown Sticks in Reno. Several dispensaries will be there as well as doctors. The medical appointments will be held inside Fountain of Youth

“Four physicians are going to be there. The physician spends about 30 minutes with each patient,” explains Nichelle Cieri with Fountain of Youth.

Dr. Kiran Muthi will be one of the doctors donating her services for the event and interviewing patients. “There are very specific criteria and specific diagnosis that are allowable for medical marijuana,” says Muthi.

So the group is asking all veterans who are interested to register for the event with a quick phone call. This pre-screening is necessary to make the free appointment. All potential patients will also need to share his or her medical records with the doctor.

Several dispensaries, a cultivation facility and production facility will be at the Canna Community event

“Even though it’s a competitive economy right now, ultimately every single person who got into this business is in it to help people,” says Rosenfeld.

Event Details

When: September 25, 2016 1pm-6pm

Where: Fountain of Youth, 724 S Virginia St Reno 89501 (“The Sticks” Midtown, Reno)

Who: Open to the public

To learn more about this event, or to check eligibility for a free evaluation, please contact Fountain of Youth at

(775) 964-4888

724 S Virginia St Reno, NV 89501

email: sarah@mmgagriculture.com

Download at MMG Agriculture

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