CO: Starbuds Forced To Destroy Pot Plants In Denver Over Odor Complaints


Denver – A grow house was forced to destroy 240 pot plants from its smallest grow operation located off Brighton Boulevard after the city of Denver decided not to renew its grow license.

“They’re not allowed to grow product anymore,” said Emilio DeSimone an attorney for Starbuds. “There were certain strains that were grown here that are not available elsewhere.”

This is the first time Denver has not renewed a grow license based on complaints from neighbors, who raised odor and zoning concerns.

“It’s just a nasty odor, because I don’t like the smell of it,” said one nearby resident.

“I’m glad they can’t grow it no more because the odor and all that, I just – not good,” said neighbor Vance Holliday.

While their marijuana grow is shutdown, Starbuds is still allowed to sell weed in their downstairs store.

“Right below us, there is a store that is alive and well,” said DeSimone.

Starbuds said it hopes to one day bring the pot grow back, but until then it plans to expand and look for new locations.

“It’s unfortunate that it’s gone this way, a company that has gone about and beyond really to comply with the rules is shutdown,” said DeSimone.

DeSimone said Starbuds has requested a judicial review to look into what happened.

The owner has said the decision is not just about him. He believes this has set a precedent and could hurt other grow operations in the future.

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