CO: Veterans Protest To Keep Sale Of Recreational Pot Legal


Pueblo – Local veterans lined up at the Pueblo Convention Center today to fight to keep the sale of recreational pot legal.

“We find ourselves in another battle,” said Veteran George Autobee, “We were in Vietnam, had to fight with the VA to get our benefits, then we had to fight to get marijuana legislation passed so that we can access the medication and now we’re in another battle.”

Today Grow for Vets, an organization that helps provide marijuana to veterans for treatment of medical conditions, held a news conference to protest Ballot Issue 200. The ballot issue, proposed by Citizens for a Healthy Pueblo, would prohibit retail sales of recreational marijuana and require all existing retail recreational marijuana facilities to close.

“I can tell you from personal experience now over the last three years thousands of veterans have told me to my face that cannabis is the only thing that’s ever helped them with post traumatic stress,” said Grow for Vets Founder Roger Martin.

Many veterans say they rely on recreational marijuana to avoid the complications of obtaining a medical red card. Proponents of the issue say even if recreational stores do close, veterans will still have access to marijuana.

“Recreational marijuana will not be illegal,” said Chairperson for Citizens for a Healthy Pueblo Charlene Graham. “It just won’t be sold in Pueblo County.”

“They can still grow their own and they can still possess it,” Graham continued. “They just are not going to be able to go someplace in Pueblo County and get it.”

Ballot issue 200 relates strictly to recreational marijuana.

“We’re not trying to take anything away from the veterans,” added Graham. “We love our veterans. I mean they’re the reason we’re free to do what we’re doing and we appreciate that.”

Grow for Vets also told News 5, they’re concerned that banning recreational marijuana would limit veterans safe access to treatments for medical conditions.

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