Medical Marijuana Use Growing Fast In Massachusetts


It took a while for the state Department of Public Health to finalize regulations governing medical marijuana, but agency data show its popularity is growing rapidly. The number of purchases has been increasing exponentially, and the number of certified patients is also on the rise.

Massachusetts voters approved a ballot question in 2012 that legalized marijuana use for illnesses that include cancer, glaucoma and Parkinson’s disease, under a doctor’s supervision.

DPH data show that in July 2015, when dispensaries began selling, 624 patients purchased medical marijuana. By December, 5,692 bought. That spiked to 10,000 in April, and last month, state data shows 15,232 medical marijuana buys.

The data show 36,080 people have procured medical marijuana certificates – with 2,252 new ones distributed in August. The number of “active patients” using medical marijuana is about 30,000.

Six physicians registered to prescribe the drug last month, for a total of 167 in the state, the DPH data show.

In July, the Supreme Judicial Court ruled that a ballot question to legalize recreational marijuana use can be put before Massachusetts residents. They will vote on ballot question 4 on Nov. 8.

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