NV: Medical Marijuana Dispensary Set To Open In Carson City


Carson City’s first medical marijuana dispensary is set to open later this month.

The dispensary, RISE, held a ribbon cutting and hosted tours of its store on Clearview Drive at Carson Street Thursday.

The dispensary operated by Green Thumb Industries (GTI) has tentative plans to open Sept. 16, but its opening depends on scheduling a final inspection by the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health, which oversees the state’s medical marijuana industry.

This is GTI’s third dispensary and its first in Nevada.

“We really like the regulatory environment here. The state has experience regulating casinos, which require a high level of supervision to ensure markets operate in a safe manner,” said Anthony Georgiadis, a partner at Chicago-based GTI, which currently operates two dispensaries in Illinois.

Also on hand at the store’s debut was Eugene Monroe, a former National Football League player who is both an investor in GTI and a medical marijuana patient.

Monroe was an offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens until a shoulder injury ended his career.

That injury as well as injuries to his back and knees and concussions led him to medical marijuana as an alternative to the opioids he was being prescribed.

“I wanted to deal with it in a healthier way,” said Monroe.

About 50 people waited in line to take a tour of the dispensary, including Isaiah Barnes, a medical marijuana patient who’s also on his fourth interview with GTI to work at Rise.

“I’d like to speak out and bring awareness and light on what is a taboo subject,” said Barnes.

The store includes a small waiting area everyone has to pass through before being allowed to enter a much larger secured retail area where all types of medical marijuana will be sold, including edibles, flowers and concentrates.

Off the retail floor are an office and security room. Inventory will be locked up every night.

The store has 17 security cameras and on-site security personnel as long as anyone is on site.

Tyler Brennan, general manager, said he plans to keep a week or two of inventory on site.

To do so, he’s trying to purchase from Northern Nevada suppliers rather than go down to Las Vegas.

RISE, like other medical marijuana operations throughout the country, is still working on how to handle its cash.

Because medical marijuana isn’t sanctioned by the federal government banks will not do business with the industry.

Other businesses near RISE said the company has reached out to them and so far been helpful.

“The manager seems nice and has worked with us. There will be security,” said Laura Santos, assistant, Dream Dinners, which is next door to RISE. “We’re OK with it. We were a little worried at first. But we’re hoping to get some new business. We have frozen food but you can take it home.”

RISE is located at 35 E. Clearview Dr., No. 119.

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